I grab a snap of the local restaurant/inn’s Christmas lights…

I WAKE up a but later than usual and panic when I remember I have an appointment with the nurse at the doctor’s surgery inn the village.

A quick shower then I jump in car and arrive just in time!

When I get home we have a late breakfast and I get stuck into some work…I need to sort some Facebook ads for the local business I’m helping out. I prepare some images, but find I can’t access their Facebook ad account…so there’s not much I can do ’til they sort that.

Back in the office I draft up a chairman’s report for Arthur to present at next week’s local community trust meeting,

After lunch I spend some time in the studio. Two potential songs on the go. One almost finished and the other still in the ‘early stages’ of development. Ia also try and tidy the place up a bit!

I’m running the usual Friday Facebook livestream from the kitchen at the local restaurant. I posted some reminders earlier – then I knock up a cheat sheet, gather the gear and go down to set up the livestream.

It goes well – once I’m done I grab some photos and video outside to capture the lights and Christmas vibe.

Arthur’s coming round later to go over the report so I make dinner and we ‘re just finished when he arrives. We go over the report with a glass or two of red then say cheerio and call it a night.