FREYA wakes around 7am…and we follow suit! Means we get a good early start.

I’m busy in the office when Catriona arrives to pick up Freya and finish the Christmas cakes she and Margaret made a few weeks ago. Margaret’s been ‘feeding’ them sherry…now it’s time for marzipan, icing and decorations 🙂

In the studio I record some very rough demos of the new songs then take Freya a walk in the rain.

Back home Catriona and Margaret are finishing off the cakes and starting on mince pies. Freya’s asleep and I head back to the studio.

Late afternoon we say cheerio to Catriona and Freya and I do a little more work preparing stuff for this week’s local community trust AGM.

Margaret made. afoot of chilli while I was in the studio. To go with it I make some blue corn tortillas and we have tacos for dinner….