In the studio I put together an instrumental version of Auld Lang Syne for a New Year social media video…

TOP of my to-do list today is to produce a social video promoting a local business’s New Year package.

I’ve sourced most of my footage and started an edit, but I need some background music. Rather than download something cheesey or risk copyright infringement on anything else I hit the studio and record a reso-guitar version of Auld Lang Syne.

I figure out the guitar part pretty quick and ‘assemble’ a 61-second instrumental (why 61-sewconds? See below!) to use as a music bed. I’ve got miked-up acoustic guitar and an overdriven amp sound but I wanna make it sound a bit fuller and start messing around with a keyboard part. I fumble my way round and, thanks to ProTools MIDI note editor get something together that sits behind the guitar.

Of course I’ve spent way too long on this part of the video production but it’s fun. After lunch I finish the video edit, add the music and voice-over – then I create square format video for Facebook and Instagram…and a special ‘vertical’ edit for Instagram TV (IGTV) so we can get the clickable link. The minimum. video duration for IGTV is 60-seconds, hence my 61-second music bed 😉

I’ve kept on top of emails and stuff in between times…then it’s time to get everything together for this evening’s local community trust AGM.

The meeting goes OK and we’re done in just over half an hour. Then it’s home, dinner, and an early night…