Stream or download the Christmas single via your preferred platform/service here (or click the pic!)

CHRISTMAS single release day! And although I’m not taking it too seriously, I need to spread the word a bit to get the wider benefits a new release brings to Spotify listener count etc.

I did a fair bit of the work last night and all the graphics, images, links etc are already created. Now I just need opt spread ’em around and create spots, stories and all the other kinda things social media demands if something is gain any degree of traction.

You can stream/download/watch/listen via the platform or service of your choice here.

I mess with one of the new songs that’s in the pipeline and wonder if a key change improves things. Mmmm…maybe. I’ll see what Margaret thinks.

A few years ago I splashed out on a Fishman MIDI pickup (TriplePlay)for the guitar. While the pickup itself works well, the software didn’t really deliver so it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for what I needed. There’s a major software update which, maybe when paired with my more up to date laptop, might address the issues and make it more useful. There’s lots to download, so I leave the machine churning away while I make some bang bang cauliflower for lunch.

I’m doing a livestream from the kitchen at the local restaurant later so spend some time setting things up and preparing then head out for a walk in the last of the daylight.

I have a nice walk up the lochsidelistening to a podcast as I go. When I get to the far side of Millarochy bay I do a couple of Facebook livestream updates – one to my profile and one to my page.

I’m back just in time to grab my stuff and go to do the livestream which goes well.

Back home I do some social media follow up then have a rest in front of the fire before making dinner. Beef in black bean sauce tonight.

On our last USA tour we watched a few episodes of a Ken Burns series on country music on PBS…we didn’t see the final three though…and Margaret’s spotted a couple of them are on the telly back to back tonight. We watch ’em then make it to bed before midnight!

My first attempt at bang bang cauliflower works out good 🙂