I HAVE a social media planning. meeting with a local business first thing. Once we’re done, I spend some time chatting things over with one of their consultants.

Instead of being home in half an hour, I’m away a good couple of hours. Normally I’d get straight on with the next two weeks’ social media plan but I’m in the shop at 1pm and need to sort the Christmas cards that I started yesterday and are now strewn across the dining table.

I’m cutting it fine time-wise, but I get the cards done and a sandwich made to take to the shop where I’m on ’til closing time.

Once one, I pick up some pizza and go and hang out with Joe. We eat pizza and chat then have a glass of red and watch the first episode in Ken Burns’ Country Music series.

It’s just about finished when Margaret and Betty arrive. We chart a little more then head home.