AFTER a bit of a slow start I get busy. Some social media stuff to do for the local business I’m helping.

As usual, I spend a little longer on it than I plan to and suddenly it’s lunch time!

After some gyoza I clean the smoker and put some wee LED Christmas lights round the decking.

I’ve been planning some kind of influences/covers recording projects alongside the new songs I’m working on. I put some thoughts down on that then go out for a wee walk to clergies the cobwebs.

Back home I hit the studio. One of the ideas I had to try one of my new songs in a. different key doesn’t work out in practice s back to the drawing board.

Margaret and Betty are off to the Christmas stich’n’bitch…no stitching tonight…just wine and, I guess, plenty bitchin’ 🙂

Joe and I hang out and enjoy more pizza and a nice bottle of red.