I put some ‘physical’ tickets for my next local show on sale here…just in case anyone wants to buy ’em as a Christmas present… 😉

FIRST job is liaising with the kitchen at the local restaurant for this evening’s livestream.

Then I make up a rough script/plan and trail the livestream across all their social media.

Someone’s coming at 11am to try out the custom National Style O guitar I have for sale…I know the guy so it’s nice to catch up. We spend half an hour in the studio and he goes off to mull it over for a few days.

With that out the way I deal with the daily routine stuff then we nip doing to Betty and Joe’s to help move a table, a coffee and a blether.

After lunch I put some physical tickets for my next Memorial Hall show on sale…some folks might wanna buy tickets as a present and a ‘proper’ ticket is a nicer gift than an Eventbrite printout.

In the studio I spend a couple of hours recording another demo of a new song and getting a rough mix done so we can listen in the car on our way to Duncan and Irene’s later on. I get it finished just in time and struck it on my phone…on the way to our pals’ in Gartmore we listen over Bluetooth on the car stereo.

It sounds OK, but we both reckon it needs to be a little harder-edged…it’s too ‘nice’ and a bit melodic for my dulcet tones.

We have a grand night with our pals. Margaret has driven the last few times we;’ve visited, so I take a turn and amaze myself that I can have as good a time without alcohol as I would with…maybe even better!