WE’RE up early and off to Doune – we’re babysitting Freya today and Catriona needs to leave for work around 8am.

Freya gets her breakfast and I set up office in the kitchen…not too much on the to-do list today 🙂

I need dried cherries to make stuffing on Christmas Day so we take Freya a drive into Stirling and pick up some shopping.

Catriona’s home soon after 5pm. We blether and Catriona goes through some take-away menus for dinner later. Turns out the Thai place is closed on Mondays….Catriona’s not keen on Chinese so we go for Indian. I’ve had allergic – or some other kind of – reaction to Indian food in the past, but after January’s trip to Urgent Care in Los Angeles I asked the doc to arrange an allergy test. It’s happened seven or eight times over the last 10/15 years and we’re really keen to find out the cause.

I finally got my testing done in November and there were no positive results. So, having had the tests done – and managed the odd korma without a problem – I’m confident to order same.

When Will comes home he puts Freya to bed and Catriona goes to pick up the grub.

We sit down to eat – the food’s good but I start feeling a bit odd as I finish eating. Uh-oh. Ten minutes later I’m throwing up….Will’s on an early shift again in morning which means he’s up at 5am and the last thing they need is me being ill through the night. We decide to go to A&E – Will has to drive, for although Margaret’s only had one glass of wine, Will’s alco-tester gizmo says she’s over the limit – probably because she’s only just drunk it.

We roll up at Forth Valley Royal Hospital about 9.30pm….I’m starting to be a bit delirious and am being violently sick. Will leaves us and I’m assessed and moved to another waiting area for some time.

I’m taken to bed in a curtained off area in A&E, blood taken and hooked up to a couple of drips and given a shot of anti-sickness stuff. The place is busy and it’s quite a distressing place to be. I’m still puking lots of bile – any food in my stomach ejected long ago.

By 4am I (or Margaret, as I’m not quite with it) that I’m to be moved into the acute assessment ward. It’s around 5am when Margaret comes to say cheerio. I’m still heaving and there’s all kinds of noises and upsets found in around me….