Not quite the orange fizz and bacon rolls I’m used to on Christmas morning…!

I’VE been wakened by the pump alarm going off a few times in the night for various reasons and had to call the nurse to sort things out.

The last time the alarm goes off is just before 7am to let us know there’s 15 minutes ’til the process finishes. The nurse comes and detaches me from the apparatus leaving the canula in my arm in case I need more.

Breakfast comes soon after – not quite the orange fizz and bacon rolls were used to on Christmas morning – and I have two slices of dry toast, a yogurt and a coffee.

A visit from the consultant and I’m told if the blood tests are OK I’ll get home later.

I’m told I should have some news early/mid-afternoon so I call Margaret and let her know.

Meantime, another nurse drops in and gives me a selection box, wrapped gift and card form the ward staff. That was very nice. Soon after, lunch arrives – a Christmas dinner kinda affair which is pretty good. Actually, all the stuff I’ve been given to eat has been well above my expectations of hospital food.

Mid-afternoon a nurse coms and tells me that I can go home, but I need to wait for a prescription and come back tomorrow to get the meds…the pharmacy in the hospital closed at 2pm and it’s now 3pm 🙁 I ask if I can get a prescription that I can use somewhere closer to home and she goes off to enquire. The consultant comes back with a ‘community prescription’ I can use at any pharmacy (that’s open on Boxing Day!).

Margaret arrives soon after and we’re home just after 5pm. The turkey is out the oven and resting and Les has been busy getting everything else ready to go. They’ve made a great spread.

I’m careful not to eat too much…and avoid alcohol. We open presents then sit round the table and play a music quiz. By 9pm I’m feeling pretty done and head off to bed. Been good to get home and have a nice few hours tho’… 🙂

Home for Christmas dinner! Just missing Les…she was taking the pic.