WE sleep late…I think I’ve been asleep for 13 hours! Still not feeling quite 100% but still so much better than a few days ago.

I have some social media stuff to do for the. local business I’m helping out so sit in bed with the laptop then we try and find a pharmacy that’s open so I can get my prescription from the hospital. The only one open doesn’t have the meds I need but another fairly local (within miles!) looks to open just after 2pm, so I hang off ’til then.

Turns out Mikey went back to Dundee later on last night. Matty goes out for a run and Margaret. Les and I have bacon rolls and coffee.

Early afternoon I call the Balfrom pharmacy but the number just rings out. I’m amazed how difficult it to find holiday opening times etc for chemists online. Nothing seems accurate. I check the NHS 24 website and find a list of places that should be open. I call the only one within striking distance to find they close in five minutes…but they;re at least 20-minutes away.

Finally I land up with Morrisons at Anniesland Cross in Glasgow. They have the meds, but close in an hour. I jump in car and head to town.

Matty’s away when I get back home. Margaret and I head along to Fiona’s for her annual ‘Boxing Day drop-in’ leaving Les to prepare some leftovers for dinner. Nice to catch up with some of our local pals and I have my first beer since the hospital adventure.

Back home for a quick bite to eat then les comes with us to visit Betty and Joe where we have a couple of glasses of wine and chat for a while.

I’m pretty done when we get back and Margaret wants to watch Gavin & Stacy on the iPlayer. Les and I chat in kitchen over a glass of wine then join Margaret and, despite the tiredness, get caught up watching Paddington (the movie) which we all love!