WE’RE having a (very!) long lie, chatting and drinking coffee in bed when Margaret gets an alert on her phone.

We’ve got a couple of Air BnB guests tonight and tomorrow and it’s a message saying they’re arriving soon! Fuck sake! It’s only 11.30am and check in is clearly stated as ‘after 3pm’.

Margaret messages to say we’re not available for another hour or two and we jump out of bed and run around like headless chickens cleaning, tidying and preparing their room. I’m outside emptying the bins when a car rolls up. It’s our guests.

They’re a very nice young Chinese couple. I explain the 3pm check in but tell them if they go for a walk and a coffee we’ll be ready for them soon after 1pm.

I guess we shoulda had the house cleaned and room ready yesterday 😉

Having run the obituary I wrote yesterday past my pal’s widow and got her blessing, I send the copy and a photo off to some of the UK blues magazines and a couple of newspapers then get on with the routine emails and stuff.

I’m hoping to clear out and re-arrange things in the studio for the new year but before I even think about it I have to tackle my accounts. Other than sorting out and ordering receipts up until September, they’ve gone neglected since year end (5 April). I MUST have things in order before hogmanay!

With two USA tours and trips to Estonia, Finland, Belgium and Netherlands in the period, there’s a lot to sort out.

I spend a good five hours straight on it, go back to the house for dinner, then spend another hour before getting to a point where I’ve made enough headway to be confident I’ll only need an hour or two tomorrow to get the job finished. Then I can start on the studio revamp!