Margaret with Penny and Wenguang…and the wonderful meal prepared by Penny…

MARGARET’S away at the crack of dawn – she’s off to look after Freya and needs to get to Doune before Catriona leaves for work at 8am.

I’m up and run the shower soon after she leaves then hit the office. Hoping to get my accounts all up to date today, but first there’s the routine stuff to get out the way.

I have a 10am meeting at the local coffee shop to discuss the next two weeks’ social media stuff for the Oak Tree Inn then I get back to the office and put together a plan based on our chat.

Our AirBnB guests have gone out for breakfast and when they come back they suggest they cook a Chinese meal for us this evening. Wow! Sounds awesome 🙂

After lunch I get back on the accounts and by mid-afternoon I’m done. Up to date!

I reward my dedication with a walk up the loch side and get back just as darkness starts to fall…then I need to take some photos at the Oak Tree for upcoming social media posts.

Back home I spend some time in the studio and Margaret gets back with her shopping. Penny is busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. No idea what she’s doing, but it smells good.

Margaret and I sit and chat with Wenguang over a beer then we eat. There’s chicken cooked in a soy and ginger sauce, some sort of tomato and egg dish and celery with prawns. It’s amazing!

We have a lovely night chatting about all kinds of stuff….I have an early start in the morning to open the shop though, so as 11pm approaches I bale and head to bed.

Egg and tomato, chicken in ginger soy, celery and prawns….amazing!