THE alarm goes off at 6am…and after a coffee and quick breakfast I go to get the village shop opened up. It’s dark and icy out!

I call Margaret mid-morning to check in – our AirBnB guests should have been away by 10am but seems they hung out ’til nearly midday…and Margaret needs to get the bedroom sorted for Matty and Lou who are coming for the night.

I finish my ‘shift’ at 1pm and when I go home Mikey and his pal Harriet have arrived. It’s Mikey’s birthday today.

We have some lunch and chat for a couple of hours then they hit the road back to Dundee. I’m knackered and have a doze on the couch. My intention is to have a quick ten minutes…but it’s nearly two hours later I wake up with Matty and Lou arriving.

Were have a drink and chat then eat – Margaret’s cooked a big ham which is really, really nice. After clearing up we have a wee walk and drop in to see Betty and Joe.

We’re home in time for the bells and bring in the New Year….and before we know it, it’s after 4am…