Day two of the ‘song a day’ livestream series…Bring My Baby Back

I’M UP early – quite a lot of work to do before I start my 10am shift at the local shop…and it’s a 10-hour job.

Catriona. and Freya stayed over last night and we all have some breakfast. I hadn’t been aware that Margaret was to spend the larger part of the day looking after Freya so Catriona could do some work…I’m kinda concerned that Margaret isn’t able to do any of the work she needs to do.

Seems that folks think our work isn’t important ‘cos music “isn’t a proper job”…and even worse if you work from home 🙁

I’m back from the shop just after 8.30pm and need to set up a Facebook livestream – day two of my ‘song a day’ on the signature guitar series.

As well as streaming the song form my phone, I have another camera set up so I can do some edits for YouTube and Instagram TV. Yesterdays’ first attempt seems to have been pretty popular 🙂

Post-livestream I edit the video footage for other channels and Margaret cooks up some sesame orange chicken and broccoli with egg noodles. One of my favourites.

It’s after 10pm when we eat. I finish editing and uploading video and enjoy a dram then bed. Been a long day!