Day three of the ‘song a day’ series – No Easy Way

WE have a bit of a lie in and not long after breakfast Betty drops in for a coffee.

There’s some tour economics to be liked at before we start planning my live/tour activity for the 2020. We’re a bit late doing this, but with another grandchild due in March I’m keen we get organised.

I plan this evening’s livestream from the kitchen at the Oak Tree Inn and do some social media trails.

The third day on my ‘song a day’ livestream series is scheduled for 6pm, so I trail in a similar way.

I was hoping to do some stuff in the studio – work on a new song, mess with some other ideas and start clearing the place out for a revamp – there’s a couple of LIFX wifi lightbulbs on the way which will help with the light and ambience in the studio.

Anyway, for some reason I’m knackered and need to have a sleep. When I wake up the lightbulbs have arrived and I test one out in the hall, Very impressive – and they work with Siri voice control too!

Suddenly it’s time to hit the Oak Tree, do the livestream and take some photos of this weekend’s menu specials for posting tomorrow.

All goes good then I dash home to do my ‘song a day’ livestream which is followed by a bunch of sharing and other social media stuff…and some other edits for YouTube and Instagram TV.

We have dinner and watch some telly before falling into bed sometime after midnight.