Song a day – day four…Red Letter Blues (well, most of it!)

I START off the day posting some food photos from last night round the Oak Tree Inn’ s social media.

Next I trail this evening’s ‘song a day’ Facebook livestream. Number four today.

I get the outside Christmas lights down and take them indoors to be dried off before being backed away for the next 11 months or so. Margaret gets all the other decorations down.

Out back, I cut a few offending branches from a tree outside out bedroom window. There’s still some work to be done, but we need a bigger ladder and a better saw. I order an new ladder from Amazon.

Domestic tasks out the way, I hit the studio and work a bit on a new arrangement of the, now not so, new song. Seems to be coming along.

As part of my studio revamp, I try to manhandle the manky old couch out the control room. Margaret comes to give me a hand, but we can’t get it through the door. We remove a couple of feet and castors and manage to get it out. I’ll ‘demolish’ it tomorrow.

Back in the house we do the Facebook livestream to my signature guitar page. It goes fine, but the video camera for the YouTube and Instagram TV versions runs out of memory.

Regardless, I edit and upload the footage then we head along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner. It’s Joe’s birthday and Karen, Greta and Rachel are there too. We have a grand night eating, drinking and chatting as usual!