Day six of the ‘song a day’ livestreams – Stagolee

I NEED to make an appointment to see the doc…surgery opens at 8am so I’m poised with the phone from 7.58am…

I get a 10.30am appointment but Margaret’s away with the car today and there’s no buses that will work for that time so I need to all ow a good 90-minutes to walk there.

After breakfast I get some bits and bobs of work done then set off on my hike to the doc. I get about half way when I hear a voice then spot a car stopped. It’s Rosie. She gives me a lift the rest of the way. I would normally have passed and made the most of the exercise, but it’s pushing rain, so I’m glad of the ride.

I bump into Betty at the surgery and she says she’ll hang out for me to see the doc, so I get a lift home as well!

There’s time to do a little work in the studio before I have to start my shift helping in the local shop.

I’m there ’til after 8pm bye which time Margaret’s home and has dinner ready. We eat hurriedly as I’ve got day six of my ‘song a day’ livestream on my signature guitar Facebook page at 9pm.

There’s the usual video editing and uploading to be done then I tackle some work for tomorrow…I’m off to the eye hospital early doors, so not going to get much done tomorrow…