Day five of the ‘song a day’ on myy signature guitar livestream series – Cotton on my Back

I’M up at a reasonable time and finished breakfast by the time my pal Martyn arrives to go out for a walk.

We wander up the loch side and back and spend a couple of hours catching up on everything from work to the festive period.

Martyn heads off and I get on with trailing the upcoming ‘song a day’ livestream on my signature guitar Facebook page.

It’s kinda grey and wet outside, but I need to deal with the sofa we dragged out the studio yesterday. I thought I could just bust it up with an axe, but it’s way to heavy and robust.

It takes me nearly an hour with a heavy pinch bar, wood splitting axe and a Stanley knife to bust the thing into small enough pieces to chuck in the boot of the car to go to the dump sometime during the week. I’d hoped to save the wood for the burner, but there’s so many nails and other crap attached that it’s not gonna be worth it.

In the kitchen I make an Italian sausage sugo for tonight’s pasta then we Skype our pals Ted and Laurie in Nashville. We’ve been planning a catchup for a while.

AT 6pm I do my fifth livestream in the ‘song a day’ series to the signature guitar Facebook page and subsequent edits for the other online and social media channels.

It’s 9pm when we have dinner and settle down to watch a little TV before a relatively early night.