Day eight…Nobody’s Fool

I HIT the studio first thing and run through the ‘new’ song a few times. Seems to be coming to together 🙂

Then I start shifting things around in the control room. I want to (a) have a good clear out and then (b) rejig things to make the space more useful and, hopefully, sound better.

Once of the things I need to sort is the computer mouse. The App;e wireless mouse is in the office and I plugged in a. cranky old wired mouse. It’s been pretty crap, but I can’t afford another wireless Apple job. In the house I have a quick gander around on Amazon and find a Logitech one for a fifth of the price. Well see what it’s like!

I’ve also been keeping an eye out for lamps that’ll take the two LIFX wifi bulbs I bought in a Boxing Day sale. I find suitable floor lamps for a £6 a pop from Ikea and order a couple.

Next thing on the to-do list is the local and regional news releases for the Memorial Hall show on 1 February.

I’d already put out news releases for the publications with longer lead times and notice the Community Advertiser magazine has run a half-page feature 🙂

Once the news releases are all out I do some local online promo then get ready for this evening’s livestream to my signature guitar page on Facebook

We have a local community trust meeting, so eat early. Margaret goes along early and I join the group later on to give my communications report.

The meeting is productive and followed by a few glasses of red…