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Day ten of the ‘song a day’ livestream series….

MARGARET’S away early. She’s off to Catriona’s to look after Freya.

I have a bit of a slow start then, after the routine tasks, start trailing both the Oak Tree kitchen and my ‘song a day’ Facebook livestreams which are. scheduled for 5pm and 6pm respectively.

Arthur drops in for a coffee and to pick cup a poster and some flyers about next week’s planning meeting then I take a poster down to the local shop for display there.

I get the smoker fired up ready for the big piece of topside I covered in rub last night. Not sure how it’ll work out…

Betty has invited us for dinner but I’ve already started smoking the meat so call and suggest we the some food along to theirs later on.

In the studio I run through the ‘new song’ a few times then do a little more tidying and revamping. The two lights. I ordered dorm Ikea – at the princely sum of this £6 a pop arrived earlier and I set about getting the lIFX bulbs to work with an old router but no internet connection. A bit of a fanny dance, but I eventually find a way of making ’em work.

I start tidying out a cupboard but realise I have nowhere to put the stuff and need to get the live room re-set for some portrait photos I’ve agreed to take tomorrow afternoon.

Margaret had said she hoped to be on her way home by 2pm…then it became 4pm. I call her as I leave to go and do the Oak Tree kitchen livestream to find she’s still having to look after Freya ‘cos Catriona has work to do.

The livestream all goes to plan then I get home and start preparing for my own 6pm livestream – day ten in my ‘song a day’ series to. the signature guitar Facebook page.

I call Margaret to make sure she’s not gonna walk in in the middle of the livestream and find she’s only just leaving. Happy she can help with Freya, but it kinda irks me that she has to give up a day’s work (again) so everyone else can do theirs. It reinforces my feeling that most folks seem to think our work doesn’t matter…which is odd as they all get paid at the end of the month and have, by comparison, no real money worries. We don’t get paid, are always skint and days of not working now mean weeks, if not months, of zero income later in the year.

I get my livestream done and started online then spend some time sorting some more stuff out in the studio.

When Margaret gets home she prepares some potatoes and veg to take along to Betty and Joe’s along with my smoked topside. The beef looked good when I took it out from the smoker…but the real test will be carving. And tasting!

We have a grand night at Betty and Joe’s and the meat turned out really, really well 🙂


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