Day 13 in the ‘song a day’ livestream series…Texicalli Waltz

I’M up and had breakfast in time for my 9am meeting with the local business I’m helping out with social media stuff.

The meeting goes well and, after spending some time discussing some other stuff, I’m home by 11.30am…I wanna get my proposal/plan for the next two weeks’ work back the them before I start my 1pm shift at the local shop. I manage. Just. And there’s enough time for me to trail this even ing’s ‘song a day’ livestream to my signature guitar page on Facebook.

I’m back home soon after 8pm and start preparing tonight’s mushroom risotto. A bit of an experiment as it’s getting done in the Instant Pot – the recipe says it’s done in 20 minutes start to finish. I’m a little sceptical, but very keen to try it out.

We get things underway in time to do my 9pm livestream and once done, so is the risotto. And it’s magic! We’re pleasantly surprised.

After eating I edit and upload the video from the livestream to the other online platforms and get a little more work done. I’m back at the shop for a 7am opening tomorrow, so wanna try and get a decent sleep!

The best risotto I’ve ever made..and in 2 0minutes start to finish! Instant Pot rules!!