From the office…day 12 of the song a day series – Trouble in Mind

I’VE got a bit of a bad head this morning and only just starting to think about breakfast when Margaret, Catriona and Freya go out to visit Betty and Joe.

I get my shit together, though, and after ‘breakfast’ get a load of stuff sorted out. We’ve got an AirBnB guest tonight and the outside light isn’t working. I suspect the bulb’s goosed. I open the enclosure and sure enough, it’s the bulb. It’s a weird-ass thing tho’ and I spend some time online to identify what it is and order a replacement.

My research leads me to wonder why we shouldn’t replace it with an LED version but most I find are going to take a while to get here. Turning to ScrewFix I find one at half the price and in stock in the Dumbarton. After pressing the click’n’collect button I jump int he car and pick it up.

When I get back the adhesive for the acoustic tiles I ordered for the studio so after fixing the light I tackle the studio. It’s easier than I expect and the end result is pretty good 🙂

Our AirBnB guest arrives and I decide to do today’s ‘song a day’ livestream from the office. Despite the place being a bit of mess, it works well from there.

By the time I’m done with editing and uploading it’s time to go along to Betty and Joe’s where we’ve been invited for dinner. We have a lovely meal but don’t hang out too long ‘cos we’re all knackered.

The studio revamp is almost complete 🙂