Day 14….1923 🙂

UP at 6am – got a shift opening the shop and I’ll be there ’til 2pm.

When I get home I have the rest of last night’s risotto for lunch then prepare the studio for Jonzip coming to record a song in an hour or so.

There’s time to chop some wood, sort the fire and hang up the washing before he gets here then we get busy recording Drink to Forget – a really cool song from Jon.

As 7pm approaches we take a break and I do my ‘song a day’ Facebook livestream. Once done, Margaret prepares some dinner and we finish off mixing the song in the studio.

We eat, return to the studio to tweak the mix a little then Jon heads for home.

I edit and upload the ‘song a day’ videos for YouTube and Instagram TV then head for bed. Been a busy, but good, day 🙂