Now on day 17 of the ‘song a day’ series…this time, Cherry Wine

I MAKE sous vide egg bites with cheese and chorizo in the Instant Pot…they’re really good, but I guess a bit of a novelty. Where the Instant Pot will excel on an almost daily basis is likely to be cooking rice and risotto!

There’s some stuff to be picked up inthe village duo I get Margaret to drive em there, we do the needful then I walk back to get some fresh air, much-needed exercise and catch up on some podcasts.

When I get home I trail both this evening’s Facebook livestreams – 5pm from the Oak Tree kitchen and 6pm to my signature guitar page.

I spend some time in the studio ring through the ‘new song’. Really must get my head round it and commit the words to memory!

Back in the house I gather the gear for the Oak Tree livestream then hit the kitchen for this week’s ‘broadcast’. As soon as I’m back up the road I share it as relevant then set up for my own livestream to the signature guitar Facebook page.

Once it’s done and shared I prepare a rub for the beef short ribs I’m gonna be smoking for our guests coming for dinner tomorrow. Slat, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder. The ribs get rubbed, wrapped and put in the fridge outside.

We’ve been meaning to go and visit some new neighbours in the village for weeks now, and finally get ti together. We stop in for half an hour then nip along and visit Betty and Joe for same.

It’s a bit later than usual when I start making dinner. Another seitan experiment – seitan and green peppers in black bean sauce. Works a treat.