Day 18…Tell me, Baby

FIRST job this morning is posting the photos of food I took after last night’s livestream from the Oak Tree Inn.

I’m mid-way through when Betty drops in for a coffee and some help with a couple of online things.

I get the coals lit in the smoker, add some chunks of oak and hickory and bring it up to temperature before putting the short ribs on. I’m hoping I’ve not left it all too late and they’re ready ion good time for tonight’s dinner guests.

Next job is trailing this evening’s ‘song a day’ livestream…and it’s a song I need to run through as I’ve never played it live before, let alone on a livestream.

There’s time to do a little work on the not-so-new anymore song and, in between times, keep an eye on the smoker. Meantime, Margaret’s made soup and a dessert.

We do the livestream to my signature guitar page on Facebook and then I get busy with the subsequent edits and uploads.

The short ribs are ready just before Alastair and Karen arrive…I pull them out the pit, wrap them in tinfoil to rest in a faux cambro until it’s time to eat.

We have a grand night with our pals..we’ll be seeing them on 1 February when they come to the Memorial Hall show but nice as it is to see folks at a gig there’s never time for a proper catch up, so it’s great to do so this evening 🙂

Beef short ribs in the smoker…almost ready!