Song a day number 20….Travellin’ Man

UP at a decent time and get some stuff done around the house before breakfast.

There’s some social media stuff needing done for the Oak Tree Inn then I go out for a half-hour walk.

I spend some time in the studio before making a quick lunch and heading to the village shop where I’m on ’til close (8pm).

When I get back home I prepare the stuff for tonight’s asparagus risotto then set up for my 9pm ‘song a day’ livestream to the signature guitar Facebook page.

As soon as we’re done, I start the risotto in the Instant Pot and in 15/20 minutes it’s ready. Another Instant Pot success. Think the mushroom risotto has the edge tho’.

After eating I spend an hour or so editing, repurposing and uploading the ‘song a day’ video for Youtube and IGTV…then I pour a dram and read for a while before zzzzzzzzz’s….