Brexit Blues – the latest in my ‘song a day’ series to the signature guitar Facebook page.

A LOT on my list today. Top thing is to get into the studio and record another demo of the ‘new’ song I’ve been trying to knock into shape for a good few weeks now.

I spend the morning in the studio then go back to the house for some lunch then do a wee bit of extra online promo to push sales on the Memorial Hall show on 12 February.

Although we focus on online ticketing, the village shop only has a few physical tickets left so I drop of a few more.

Back home I knock up an Italian sausage sumo for tonight’s pasta then make up a batch of seitan – got a different recipe and process to try this time. There’s too much to cook in one batch, so I boil 2/3 in a broth with molasses and liquid aminos for an hour, then put the rest in the pan. The first batch looks – and tastes – pretty good.

I go back to the studio to mix the demo I recorded earlier…but when I go back to the house an hour later the Seitan’s boiled dry and is burnt 🙁

Think the whole village can smell itAt 6pm go live with episode 21 in my ‘song a day’ livestream series to the signature guitar page on Facebook then quick share it around…a neighbours coming in at 6.30pm to discuss a new website.

it’s well after 9pm by the time we have dinner then I edit and upload the livestream footage from the ‘proper’ camera…