MacPherson’s Lament is number 23 in my ‘song a day’ series…

WE SLEEP in a bit…must’ve been needing it!

There’s some ‘sous vide egg bites’ in the In start Pot when Betty drops by – everyone enjoys them 🙂

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up and I wonder if I can cheat a bit with my ‘song a day’ livestreams…maybe pre-record them and put ’em out ‘live’ via OBS streaming software.

First, though, there’s something to be picked up at the post office in the village. I get Margaret to drive me there and take the parcel home while I walk back and listen to a podcast along the way.

I’m hungry buy the time I get back she we some lunch then I prepare some I’m pages to trail the next few days’ ‘song a day’ livestreams.

There’s some stuff needing done in the studio then I record a video to use as my test for tonight’s ‘live stream’. I spend a bit longer seeing up the studio than I planned and am up against it getting the video edited and ready to go by my 6pm deadline. I’m making reasonable progress until the version of OBS on my laptop plays silly buggers right on my 6pm ‘go live’ time.

I end up booting up an old machine, copying the video file over and running the pre-recorded livestream (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!) from there. Nearly 10 minutes late!

It works, though, and I can maybe do this for the next couple of days’ ‘song a day’ livestreams to try and relieve some of the time pressure tomorrow when it co-incides with my livestream from the Oak Tree kitchen..and Saturday when we’ll have guests.

Of course I’ll still need to run the livestream at the scheduled time, but I won’t need to set up lights, cameras etc and, of course, play the song….I can simply run the pre-record from the laptop then. upload the pre-edited versions to YouTube and IGTV!

I go back to the studio and pre-record two more ‘episodes’ for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday before dinner.

After we eat, I edit three versions fo each video…one each for the livestream, YouTube and IGTV. It’s quiet a lot of work and time-consuming, but it’ll be worth it for the next couple days!