Day 25 of my ‘song a day’ series…Parcel of Rogues as wee Burns Night celebration…

BREAKFAST is a little later than planned and I have quite a lot of stuff to get through before we take a walk to the village hall for the community lunch.

I get last night’s food photos sorted out and spread round the Oak Tree Inn’s social media then we head for the village hall.

Catriona, Will and Freya are staying tonight…Catriona and Freya are meeting us at the village hall and Will will come later after he’s done some work on his hut.

Lots of local pals are at the village hall. Having not long finished breakfast I just have a coffee, spend some time chatting to folks then start the walk home. Margaret’s hitching a ride with Catriona and Freya.

Back home there’s some more social media stuff tp do both for the Oak Tree and myself…and I need t egg the smoker going for tonight’s bacon-wrapped pork loin.

My pre-recorded ‘live’-stream crashes and I can’t get the video to stream…no apparent reason. So after an annoying and frantic ten minutes I resort to uploading the video and sharing via a ‘watch party’.

Will arrives just as I finish..and, at the same time, the pork is ready on the smoker. I wrap the pork and put it in a faux camber to rest for an hour or two until it’s time to eat.

Once Freya’s sleeping we eat and then relax and chat for the rest of the night.