Day 28 in the ‘song a day’ series sees the signature guitar plugged in for See Me Laughing

ONCE our AirBnB guests are checked out I make breakfast and then start on the day’s to-do list.

After some planning for the local business social media project I make up a set list for Saturday’s local show at Buchanan Memorial Hall. There’s a coupla songs in there that I haven’t played live for ten years, so I may have to spend some time re-learning lyrics!

I have a PRS members’ fund meeting to arrange for next week…and my ‘arsecam’ preparation kit and diet instructions for next week’s colonoscopy drop in the mailbox. I think the fasting and prep is gonna be worse than having the camera stuck up my arse!

After lunch I pre-record some video for the final three ‘live’-streams in my ‘song a day’ series then get back tot he face and promote this evening’s episode.

Late afternoon I have a meeting to get a local pal sorted out with some web hosting for a simple website I’m producing for them.

Back home I chop some wood and broadcast my ‘livestream’ using OBS to publish into Facebook live.

Once done I edit the remaining videos then go and prepare tonight’s mushroom risotto…just half and hour form start to finish in the Instant Pot!

The rest of the evening is spent formatting the last three ‘song a day’ videos for streaming, Youtube and Instagram TV….and some updates to the local community trust website.