Day 30 in my ‘song a day’ livestream series…Got Me Electric

I’M smoking some beef shortribs to take to Betty and Joe’s tonight.

While the smoker’s getting up to temperature I put my ‘big bad beef rub’ on the slab –≠ then it’s all systems go.

There’s a song in my setlist for Saturday’s show that I haven’t played in years…so I need to try and get the words into my head. I’m rehearsing ti, along with some banjo tunes, when Aggie phones form the village shop…someone’s looking for gig tickets for Saturday night and they don’t have enough left! I rush down to the village with another book of tickets.

With Brexit happening ( 🙁 ) tomorrow I prepare a social media blast to punt my Brexit Blues song – stream or download via your preferred service here.

I need to make up some images for projection at the show on Saturday night and am midway through when my guitar student arrives for her lesson.

Once done, I finish the artwork and go back to the studio to rehearse some more of Saturday’s setlist.

I run my ‘song a day’ livestream at 6pm. Just one more left to do – tomorrow (Friday) – and the series will be complete.. Then we start prep-ing some more of the grub to take along to Betty and Joe’s.

We have a nice evening at Betty and Joe’s – Sandy pops in just in time to get a taste of the shortrib – and we’re back home at a reasonable time. Extremely busy coupla days coming up.

mmmm…beef shortribs from the smoker 🙂