JonZip joins me at the end of the show for another coupla numbers… 🙂 Pic: Alistair Mulhearn

MY FEBRUARY eNewsletter went out as scheduled this morning – and while having breakfast I share the link round social media.

Next job is to post the Oak Tree Inn food photos I took last night – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…and create a temporary cover image for their Facebook page.

With all the online stuff out the way I gather the rest of the gear for tonight’s show set up and we head to hall to get set up. The single mic PA set up keeps things fairly simple sound-wise…but we have all sorts of lighting and the back projection to rig. While JonZip and I are busy with that, Margaret puts out tables and covers them with black table cloths, puts out tea lights and gets the room set up.

We nip back to the house for some lasagne and then make our way back to the hall soon after 7pm. Doors open at 7pm 7.30pm.

There’s already folks waiting to get in and we get the final set up done. The place is full and it’s great to see so many folks out…JonZip and I both have a blast.

After a bit of clear up we get back to the house. Some grub, a few glasses of red….and suddenly it’s 4am… 🙂