FEELING pretty burst when I wake up at 10am. No hangover, just aching and sore all over. And tired.

After a shower and some breakfast I feel a lot better then JonZip and I head to the hall to pick up some of the stuff we left after the show.

JonZip leaves early afternoon just before Catriona and Freya arrive…I’m getting ready for a Skype interview with one of the blues mags then spend a good hour-and-a-half blethering to the journalist who’s gonna be writing the feature.

We finish up just in time for me to set up the pre-recorded ‘live’-stream announcing the Oak Tree Inn’s February offer after which I post a new Facebook cover and plan some of the week’s social media content to support it all.

By this time I need a nap so have a half-hour kip on the sofa then get back on the computer to try and catch up on some other bits of work.

After dinner I edit some video then head to bed for a (relatively) early night.