I SLEEP in a little..the weekend’s catching up with me.

I go and buy a white loaf for toast…normal breakfast’s out the window for the next few days – I’ve got a colonoscopy later in the week and the ‘preparation’ starts today. I’m thinking the low-fibre/restricted diet then fasting and shitting myself stupid with the solution they make you drink is gonna be worse than getting the camera stuck up my ass. Mind you, I don;lt particularly relish the thought of that either!

There’s some social video to edit for the Ok Tree Inn and a few other bits and bobs then I hit the shop for my afternoon/evening shift.

Back home later, Margaret’s already had her dinner. I chop up a chicken breast and fry it then stick it in some pasta with a load of parmesan. No wholemeal pasta or rice allowed…and no fruit or veg, Fuck sake!