I SLEEP in again! Not for long, but longer than I wanted too…slept right through the alarm.

First job after the routine tasks is to take some pix in the studio. I’m not long finished when a local electrician pal pops up to look at our heating/water system…I’m keen to get a better thermostat/controller.

We chat for a while then he comes with me to help Keiran, who’s fitting a window along at Betty and Joe’s.

Back home I finish off some social media stuff for the Oak Tree Inn then go out for a walk and to take down some of the posters for last Saturday’s gig that are still up on noticeboards around the area.

It’s getting dark when I get back, but it’s light enough for me to clean the smoker grill that’s been waiting patiently in a wheelbarrow for some hot, soapy water for the last few days.

I bring in some wood and set the fire then go to the studio – Margaret has a meeting in the house about a local cycle path. I stay out the way!

Once everyone’s left the meeting I stir fry some chicken and have it with (white) rice and soy sauce…this is not only the last ‘low fibre’ meal, it’s the last thing I’m allowed to eat before Thursday’s colonoscopy. Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) gonna be a tough day….!