MY alarm goes ooff at 5am, I need to make up a litre of ‘bowel prep’ (read skits inducement!) and get it down me over the next hour.

It’s not meant to be taken for another hour our two, but I need the worst effects to wear off before I go into Glasgow with Margaret then on to Edinburgh where I’m on a panel at a music industry event.

Breakfast is a cup of black coffee…then I pack a spare pair of boxers, jeans, a bog roll and a couple of emergency things that Betty gave me.

Luckily the journeys all go fine with no emergency stops…and I make it though the 90-minute panel session accident-free.

I have a meeting with a PRS members’ fund grant holder then, after two bottles of lucozade for lunch, I head back to Glasgow and pick up Margaret. We stop at Costco en route home.

Our pal David drops by to install a heating/water thermostat…looks like there’s something amiss with the hot water control, so we abound that part ’til Friday.

Another couple of bottles of lucozade for dinner…and another litre of the shit-inducing solution. I don’t wanna wish time away, but I wish it was this time tomorrow!