UP early and into the shower…it’s arsecam day. Actually, I’m reasonably calm about the whole thing….but we’ll see if it stays that way!

We drive to Forth Valley hospital – a good hour away – and check in a few minutes early. I’m called fairly promptly and Margaret is told I’ll be a couple of hours.

My details are checked then I’m taken to get a canula put in. First attempts on the back of may hand don’t work…most likely down to dehydration following more 24-hours of induced skitters. The nurse successfully moves onto my arm.

I sit down outside the room. There’s a couple other guys there who avoid eye contact and any attempt to make conversation. I’m guessing they’re in for the same thing as me and are a little nervous. There’s a bit fo a wait then my name is called.

Not much to say about the whole experience other than it was nowhere near as dreadful as I imagined it might be. I didn’t think I’d watch anything, but a large monitor is beside the bed and difficult to avoid so I watch the exploration while the surgeon explains what we’re looking at. It’s quite interesting! A polyp is removed and a wee biopsy which will be sent to the lab as a routine precaution, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything to get worried about. Fingers crossed.

I’m taken to the recovery room with my dignity intact where my blood pressure is checked and the canula removed.

Margaret’s waiting for me and I grab a sandwich and packet of sausage rolls from the hospital M&S. I guzzle the lot but he time we stop at Aldi for some extra shopping then head home via Catriona and Willl’s to drop off some nappies and stuff for Freya.

Back home I get a few bits and bobs of outstanding work done…I’ve a show with Bernard Allison at the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow at the beginning of May and the promoter needs a photo, logo, biog, stage plot etc 🙂

I also need to check the thermostat in case we need a new relay – the hot water side of things wasn’t;t working yesterday. Today, though, whatever was wrong seems to have sorted itself out 🙂

I have a nap on the couch while Margaret makes dinner..a giant plate of steak, mushrooms, veg and home-made wedges. And a beer.

We spend the rest of the evening watching some stuff on the iPlayer with a few glasses of red…