A beautiful morning…and a great view from our deck to wake up to…

LOTS to get done today…

First up, it’s a beautiful morning and the sun’s shining. I wanna the advantage of the chance to get a photo for a website I’m working on for a local B&B. I check the online photographers’ ephemeris – a fantastic tool that lets you check sun angles at particular times of the day.

I get some online work done then we nip out together the pix. I’m using the Osmo Pocket on a fully extended tripod to get a higher elevation and controlling the camera with my phone. We get a decent shot, but for this job I think I need to put up a drone to get the angle and shot I need.

We’ve been having a few problems syncing calendars and contacts and I decide to tackle it and try and solve things once and for all. It’s c an of worms, but I get there. Even if it does take up a couple of hours.

I manage to spend some time in the studio tidying up and then even getting some time to play a guitar. I kinda loose track of time and suddenly I realise I need to be at the Oak Tree Inn to do the livestream from the kitchen in ten minutes!

The livestream goes well apart form the fact that my phone doesn’t rotate properly and the broadcast is ‘side’s’. Oops!

We’re off to a neighbours for dinner along with some other local pals and Margaret’s making a pavlova to take for desert.

We have an interesting night chatting, eating and drinking and manage to get ourselves home at a reasonable time 🙂

Sssshhhh…domestic goddess at work 😉