VALENTINE’S day. We don’t bother about it too much, but we do swap cards and have a long lie. Then I make cheese and chorizo egg bites in the Instant Pot for breakfast.

I found a tub of homemade salsa in the freezer last night and defrosted it so we can try it out with the egg bites. It works!

There’s a bit of a backlog of stuff needing done for future gigs and other jobs I’m juggling. In between times I make a marinade for tonight’s Vietnamese beef.

We bought a cheap drone from Amazon for a couple of upcoming jobs and had a wee test yesterday…there were a few technical hiccups and the video didn’t work. A new microSD card came in the post this morning so I give it another whirl and manage to crash it into some branches…luckily it stabilises and flies on.

The video works a treat this time, but the crash has damaged one of the rotor blades which is a bit of a fanny dance to replace.

There’s some stuff needing picked up in the village and on the way back I drop into see Louise and baby Oran and drop in a little gift. It’s a flying visit as I need to get back in time to run a livestream from the kitchen at the Oak Tree Inn.

The livestream goes good and I spend an hour or two afterwards spreading it around social media and preparing photos for upload tomorrow.

Next job it to try and free up some space on my iPhone. There’s a good ten gig or more of ‘cached’ stuff – mostly email related – that is impossible to delete. The only solutions I know are to either delete all the email accounts and reinstate them or wipe the phone completely and restore from a backup.

I initiate a complete re-install and, of course, open a can of worms…I suspect most folks would panic and immediately rush to an Apple Store but I manage to sort it all out and finally free up about 15 gig!

While things are restarting and installing I make a scallion oil garnish for the beef and light a chimney-full off charcoal for the grill. Using the Instant Pot for the rice makes like a jell of a lot easier as I can just leave it and not have to run between the grill in the garden and the kitchen.

We eat, open a bottle of red and settle down to watch a film….