Back in the studio at last!

FREYA wakes just after 7.30am, so we get ups and start preparing breakfast.

I spend an hour or two sorting some online stuff then tidy up outside. We have some AirBnB guests coming today.

I nip out to get some stuff in the village and bump into a pal before stopping off at the studio.

When Catriona and Will arrive I head back to the house and see that there’s been a wood delivery – two big ton bags outside the woodshed 🙂

We have a coffee and blether before Catriona, Will and Freya make for home. Margaret gets the house tidied up and prepares for the AirBnB-ers and I stack the wood in the shed.

I’m kinda puggled after the wood stacking, but force myself back to the studio to record yet another version of a song that I seem ton have been working on for ages. At last it seems to bedding in and going in the right direction.

Margaret and I have a wee project we’re trying to put together for Les’s 60th birthday next weekend. We’re working on it when our AirBnB guests arrive.

Once they’re settled we go to Betty and Joe’s for dinner where we have a nice relaxing evening then head home for an early night.