An alternative view of the oft-photographed Milarrochy Tree…

THE weather forecast says no rain and low winds, so I head out to try and get some drone photos in the village for a wee project I’m working on.

Once done, I decide to wander up to Milarrochy Bay and get some more unusual shots of ‘the tree’. It’s pretty murky and grey…and I only get a couple fo minutes int eh air before the rain comes and I start getting ‘high wind, return to home’ warnings. Ah well.

I’m cold and damp when I get home and unpack the gear…then realise I’ve lost my reading glasses. They go round my neck and have a wee magnet at the front – the last time I remember using them was to alter some drone settings when I first went out. I search the house inc are I put them down somewhere, check the bag I was using to make sure I didn’t inadvertently stick ’em in there and look down the sleeves of my jacket. No joy.

I can;t afford to replace them so I retrace my steps in and around the village and all the way to Milarrochy and back. I even ask a nice couple to move their car from close to the spot I was standing in case they were under the car. Still no joy.

Back home I have another look around then post some ‘help, please keep an eye out for my glasses’ messages around social media.

Then it’s back onto Lesley’s birthday project. The printer is still producing random (and unusable) results…I try all sorts of different colour profiles and sync but nothing really helps.

Meantime, the photos and video from eye earlier excursion are downloaded so I tidy up the gear and decide to have another look in the courier bag I had with me. Nope, nothing in there….then, I spot them…clipped round the strap! They must’ve got themselves caught when I pulled the bag over my head earlier. Phew 🙂

After lunch I have a photo job for a local website project I’m working on which takes a couple of hours, then I get home and tackle the printer problem. I decide a ‘deep clean’ is the only remaining option. I’d tried everything else and hoped not to have to resort to this as it takes ages and uses a load of ink. While the printer’s doing it’s thing I download the photos form early afternoon’s shoot then hit the studio to mix another demo.

When I go back to the office I try a test print and the deep clean seems to have worked. Hope I’ve enough ink and special paper to get the job done.

In the house I make an early dinner of teriyaki chicken (thank you Instant Pot!) as Margaret has a local community trust meeting. I dolt; need to go ’til later so after eating I tidy up and do some more work on ‘the Lesley project’ before going the meeting at Passfoot.