DESPITE an early night I don’t wake up ’til after 9am – and kick myself for not setting an alarm.

Having just written off a couple of hours’ work by sleeping in, the optician asks Margaret to come n for an examination mediately…she’s had some kinda weird ‘flashing lights’ in her eye and I urged her to call.

We get ourselves sorted and off to the optician. I need to go too as the dilating drops Margaret will get mean she’s not gonna be able to drive. While she’s in the optician I pick up some odds and ends of shopping.

I’ve brought my laptop so manage to get a few things done in the optician’s waiting area. Margaret gets an all clear for the time being and is to back for a check-up in a month or so.

It’s lunchtime when we get home, then I get my head down and track the day’s tasks. Once they;re under control I need to get back onto Lesley’s ‘birthday project’. Really need to have ti finished today.

We’ve got Catriona and Freya coming late afternoon to stay over, so I get the meat marinaded for tonight’s Vietnamese beef.

I make some progress on the birthday project then make my way to the Oak Tree Inn to run the weekly livestream from the kitchen. All goes good.

Back at the house I share the resulting video and sort the photos I took of this weekend’s specials. I always make a Facebook cover featuring a couple of the dishes.

Catriona and Freya arrive and I hit the office to finish the birthday project. I’m done by 8pm then get a chimney-full of charcoal lit for the grill and prepare the rest fo the dinner – brown rice, scallion oil garnish and rocket.

Once Freya’s asleep I start cooking and Margaret and Catriona work on some of the decorations for Lesley coming tomorrow.

Dinner is a success and we sit and chat for a while until we notice it’s nearly midnight…