Balmaha on a slightly dreich February day

THERE’S a couple of priority things on today’s to-do list.

First up I need to clarify some info on the Oak Tree Inn’s March promotion…and set up some photos/videoshoot to promote on social media ASAP.

Next, I need to get the first/draft version of a website I’m working on for a local B&B sorted out.

In between times, there’s a dry spell and low wind outside so I take the chance to learn some new moves with the drone. All the theory in the world isn’t that important – what matters is flying time and experience.

I start my shift in the shop at 1pm and have time to run through a couple of songs before I go.

The afternoon and evening is fairly routine and I’m home soon after 8pm.

After dinner I play a bit of guitar and enjoy a glass of red…then realise the time. It feels like 8 or 9pm, but it’s nearly midnight – coming back to the house after 8pm always confuses me!