ANOTHER packed to-do list…first up, I need to try and get all the planning done for some filming on Thursday ‘cos I’m in London all day tomorrow (Wednesday).

I’ve only just finished a load of online gig listings and made ticket links live when I hear that Bernard Allison has cancelled his UK tour…so my Glasgow show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow with him ain’t happening 🙁

The summer USA. mid-west tour has come back to my to-do list so I fire off a couple of emails to key folks – I need some anchors before I start planning any routing.

I knock up some gyoza for lunch then Jeanetta comes to show me round a couple of properties for a possible photo job.

I’m back home late afternoon and put together a quote/proposal for the photos and then spend some time on a couple of new songs.

There’s a bit of preparation for my meeting in London tomorrow too.

Margaret comes home with some shopping then I make some risotto for dinner, A few more bits and bobs to do then a nightcap. Early start tomorrow….