THE forecast and weather don’t quite match up, so I end up keeping one eye out for sunshine and low wind (I need to get some drone shots in the village) and the other on the rest of this morning’s workload.

Mid-morning I get my chance and dash out. When the drone is at it’s highest – and furthest – point the wind suddenly picks up and I get some warnings appearing. I try and bring it ‘home’ but the wind has become so strong the poor wee thing is struggling to fly against it and is getting blown off course.

The battery’s depleting fast. Things get critical and the drone decides it’s gonna land. It takes me a couple of minutes to locate it. The damage isn’t critical and at least it’s not lost.

This unexpected event has set me back though – and I need to be at the Oak Tree Inn for a meeting before I shoot some promo video and photos for upcoming social media promotion.

All goes relatively to plan and I’m home in time for my guitar student arriving for her lesson.

We’re taking some dinner along to Betty and Joe tonight. In between work we both do some prep…I have some stuff needing done to my website..and also a site I’m working on for a local pal.

I cook the Vietnamese beef outside on the grill – Margaret has made little caramelised onion and gruyere tarts and mini pavlovas. We gather everything and go along to Betty and Joe’s where we have a lovely evening…