A BUSY day today…first job is to get the smoker fired up for tonight’s beef short ribs.

After dealing with the regular emails and stuff I trail this evening’s ‘live from the kitchen’ livestream from the Oak Tree Inn.

It’s pouring rain and pretty bleak outside when I pack my camera gear and head off to take internal photos of a couple of properties for a local client. No point in trying to get decent outside pix on a day like this.

I’m a good three hours on the job. Margaret’s been watching the smoker temperatures while I’ve been away and all’s good.

There’s enough time to dump the photos onto the computer before I have to go to run the Oak Tree livestream. Meantime, Betty drops in for a coffee.

Back home I share the livestream round the various social media channels and then prepare some of the food photos ready for posting and sharing tomorrow (Saturday).

We’re all ready when Duncan and Irene arrive at 7.30pm. Well, almost all ready – the ribs are gonna need a bit longer in the smoker then need to rest for a while.

Betty pops in and joins for a quick drink then I get the ribs off the smoker and let them rest in a faux cambro ’til we sit down to eat…