FIRST job of the day is to post the food/specials images round the Oak Tree Inn social media.

This tends to be quite a time-intensive exercise, but I’m up early to get it done and edit a video for a (not so) live stream promoting their March and April deal.

I have a meeting to go over a website I’ve just finished for a local B&B then I get back home to trail and prepare the pre-recorded ‘live’-stream

There’s quite a lot of other social media planning and paperwork to be be done. I’m just starting when Catriona, Will and Freya arrive…Freya is due a wee brother or sister on Wednesday, so things are getting close!

Once they head off I finish up the social media work then get my March eNewsletter written and designed ready to go out automatically in the morning. Read it here.

We get ourselves ready to go out – along to Martyn and Louise’s for some drinks and snacks….Margaret hasn’t seen wee Oran yet. We have a lovely night and get home before midnight. Full of beer, whisky and pot-stickers!