Livestream update….

Posted by Dave Arcari on Sunday, 1 March 2020
Last night’s Facebook livestream…

A SHORT lie in and then we have breakfast and I start getting on with some work.

My March eNewsletter went out automatically while we were still in bed but I need to spread the link round social media. You can check it out here.

There’s some more work to be done on the Oak Tree Inn social media – mostly video editing and graphics development.

It strikes me that my own social media has been a bit sparse since we completed the ‘song a day’ series, so I schedule a livestream for later today.

Later on I go out for a walk and do a quick livestream to both my personal profile and music page on Facebook to let folks know there will be a ‘proper’ livestream in half an hour at 6pm. Margaret thinks this is crazy, but I think it’s a reasonable enough way to spread the word!

Apart from a wifi dropout just as we’re about to start, the livestream goes fine and I play a couple of tunes, including a new one I’ve been working on – Merle Travis number, Nine Pound Hammer.

While Margaret’s doing some ironing I take over the kitchen and make a batch of seitan…then Margaret takes over and makes dinner. Sesame and orange chicken noodles. one of my favourites 🙂