The sun goes down as I wander back down the lochside…

AN unexpected early (6am!) start…I’ve got a last minute shift opening the village shop.

Due to a few different factors I’m there ’til 3pm…then I get home and hit the studio. I get one track down then, as I’m trying to get the next one good all the way through I bust a string ion my wee Collings acoustic guitar. No spare strings for that one. Shit.

I go back to the house and order a few sets for next day delivery then head out for a walk up the lochside.

The sun’s going down and I grab a few snaps with my phone on the way back home.

Feeling a bit tired I have a nap on the couch – and wake up two hours later! Ilm making jambalaya tonight, so dinner’s a bit late then, after a few bits and bobs of work, it’s time for bed.