It’s a boy! Margaret and our – as yet un-named – new grandson 🙂

AN early start. Again! I’ve got a part in a Scottish TV comedy show (hint: it’s about police) as a beekeeper and need to be on set by 10am.

I drop Margaret off and have an hour or so to kill…a nearby McDonalds provides breakfast, coffee and wifi.

On set I grab a coffee, have a chat with some folks then ‘go to costume’ to check the bee-keeper’s outfit they’ve sourced for me actually fits. It’s a bit nippit and not particularly beard-friendly but overall (pardon the pun) it’s OK.

There’s a fair mount of hanging around, then lunch, then finally my part is filmed. When I get back to the trailer Margaret’s waiting – she got a lift to base just before I finished filming.

I complete my paperwork and we go to pick up some shopping.

Margaret’s been trying to get hold of Catriona but there’s non reply – it’s her due date today and she had an appointment with the midwife early afternoon.

We’re about to drop into our final shopping stop when Will calls…it’s a boy! Without too much detail, the midwife sent Catriona to the hospital for a scan, all was well and she was told to go home bt they didn’t;t get further than the car park before she felt something was happening. Half-an-hour later an – as yet nameless – wee boy popped out 🙂

We finish our shopping, rush home to put it away and then head to Larbert where we meet the newborn and hang out with Catriona and Will for a wee while. Not sure if Catriona’ll get out the hospital tonight.

The cock-eyed bee-keeper with one of the crew…